Trump Slams The Door On Using Federal Funds To Buy Huawei Equipment


State Department workers aren’t happy with Mike Pompeo’s approach to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mike didn’t give the word to initial social distancing in the State Department’s offices in Washington or other countries. Pompeo seems more concerned with threatening Iran for the Iraqi bombings than stopping the spread of the virus in the department he oversees, according to the Washington Post.

Pompeo acts like the president’s attack dog now that John Bolton left Trump’s team. Mr. Trump calls Bolton a warmonger, but the president liked his sword rattling until John decided to duke it out with North Korea. Mr. Trump though taming North Korea’s Kim Jon Un would give him bragging rights, but Kim played Trump, according to the New York Times. Mr. Kim will never give up his nuclear arsenal, and that’s why Bolton wanted to missile fry the country before he got on the president’s bad side.

Bolton’s book about his time close to Trump is on hold. The White House claims the book shares classified information with the public, and that’s not cool. Bolton still wants to get his book published, but it will take time to cut through the red tape Trump put in place to protect some of his questionable decisions over the last three years, according to the Washington Post.

President Trump still calls COVID-19 the Chinese virus. Dr. Fauci, Trump’s infectious disease experts, told reporters politicizing the coronavirus outbreak is a stupid move. The Chinese didn’t develop the virus in a laboratory, and China didn’t plant the virus in the United States, according to Dr. Fauci. The virus came from bats that infected animals in a live open market in Wuhan.

Mr. Trump continues to rattle China’s nerves when he talks about the coronavirus pandemic. Relations between China and the U.S. continue to deteriorate, but the Chinese still share research information with researchers in the United States. Trump’s critics claim the president dropped the virus ball when he called the coronavirus a hoax, while the Chinese took an economic and health gut punch from the deadly version of COVID-19.

The president’s critics also accuse him of trying to ruin Huawei’s business in the United States because he wants to stop the company’s dominance in the race to achieve global 5G superiority. Mr. Trump just signed a bill that stops rural telecoms companies from using federal funds to but Huawei components. But the government will provide funding to remove and replace Huawei components with components from Nokia and Ericsson, according to ZDnet.


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