Title: What Are Major Tech Companies Doing Now That E3 Is Cancelled?


The Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly referred to as “E3,” has been an event that gamers and game companies looked forward to every summer where new games and hardware would be announced and put on display. The popular event has been canceled due to the recent surge in the COVID-19 viral outbreak, but game companies are still planning on doing some other activities instead.

After the Entertainment Software Association, abbreviated ESA, gave the news about the official cancellation of E3 on the 11th of March, Large game companies have announced that they plan to hold online events and upload videos of new products to the eager fans.

After the World Health Organization labeled the Coronavirus a pandemic, many other industries have canceled large events in addition to gaming companies. Governments have begun to ban large gatherings and events around the United States while declaring public health emergencies. They are also instructing businesses to send employees home to telecommute whenever possible.

Google and Facebook had to cancel some large events that were originally scheduled to occur in the coming months. Silicon Valley has effectively entered a state of lockdown.

The video game industry is not completely abandoning E3. Many companies are going to announce new game titles and console hardware via internet streams and recorded media releases that can be viewed on YouTube.

Microsoft has stated that they will hold a digital streaming event to announce the details about the latest Xbox console and new game titles to gamers in the next few weeks. Nintendo usually holds a streaming event for its new product releases during E3, and they have announced that this event will feature some different formats. They have said they are in the process of considering new ways of providing news to their fans.

Electronic Arts gaming company has traditionally held its own event in Los Angeles around the time of E3, which has been entitled “EA Play.” The company has responded to the recent ban of events by saying they are in the process of considering alternative ways to unveil new products to fans. Ubisoft, a French company has also said that they are likely to have a streaming event in lieu of the canceled E3 convention.


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