Photograph Deliveries, Virtual Reality After Death, Windows 10 Advice by Amazon: Tech Q&A


I receive a lot of questions every week from my listeners regarding Tech worries, latest products, and everything digital. Sometimes, selecting interesting questions to discuss is always the best part of what I do. This week, I saw to queries concerning communicating with your Amazon delivery drier, robocall counter-punches, survivors’ virtual reality, and more.

Amazon delivery concerns
Q: Can a picture of the specific place the Amazon drivers leave my stuff be taken and sent to me? Sometimes I find the boxes by the front door while sometimes I have to hunt to obtain them rigorously.

A: Of course, Amazon is an all-encompassing and quick service, but sometimes the drivers don’t entirely know the specific place to leave your delivered item. Sometimes, the clients find their parcel after rooting their front yards for a while.

However, you are on the right path: Amazon drivers have been taking pictures of your item delivery. Customers will, most of the time, have access to these pictures. So, if you are having challenges locating the specific location of your parcel, the photo will help you in finding it.

This is one of the numerous perks of Amazon delivery, particularly if you have become a Prime member. It would be best if you also looked into drone delivery, which is poised to be the reality of the nearby future.

VR Séance
Q: I witnessed the narrative of a certain mother who, using virtual reality, had a conversation with her deceased daughter. Please explain to me more about virtual reality? I became emotional while viewing this section of your show.

A: Among the numerous uses of virtual reality technology, this may be the most amazing one so far – something that is neither impressive nor entertaining, but undeniably meaningful to a mum after losing her beloved child. The South Korean company responsible for this extra-ordinary tech innovation allows users to communicate with, and even sometimes physically touch late loved ones.

Similar virtual reality experiments are still underway, but the tech will be controversial for a significant period. Ordinary people will take time to evaluate if they can interact with the deceased. Ultimately, this reality is virtual; it cannot replace a human, flesh-and-blood.

Windows 10 advice
Q: I recently advanced to Windows 10, Can you kindly recommend a list of downloads?
A: Every latest Windows version comes with an additional set of tools. The higher percentage set of functions is usually familiar to regular users, and, mostly, the recent updates are easy to understand.
New functionalities assist you in staying on task, link to your phone, organize your desktop, and cut-out those background tasks and piles of intrusive cookies.


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