Netflix Will Be Releasing a New Season of ‘Ozark’


One of the most popular and critically acclaimed series on Netflix over the past couple of years has been “Ozark” starring Jason Bateman. It is a violent and gritty crime drama that has gained a massive following among Netflix subscribers around the world. The third season of the series will be released very soon. As a way of promoting the new season, Netflix has released a trailer that has a lot of fans of the show very excited. It seems like the new season will be just as violent as the two that preceded it.

“Ozark” is just one of several crime dramas that have become very popular on Netflix over the past few years. “Narcos” is another example of a Netflix original series that falls into this genre. Shows like this are one of the reasons why Netflix has not taken a serious hit when it comes to losing subscribers since the launch of Disney+. The fact that the new Disney streaming service has almost no adult programming makes people want to keep their Netflix subscription so they can watch shows like “Ozark” and others. “The Witcher” is another show on Netflix that is only meant for adults.

The advance buzz surrounding the new season of “Ozark” has been very good. There are many critics who have seen the episodes in advance. They have praised the writing and acting in the upcoming season. Netflix has not commented on whether the series will be coming back for a fourth season or not. Netflix has a habit of cancelling popular shows once they get to three seasons because of the cost of production. Fans are worried that “Ozark” might get the axe now that it has reached the third season that usually spells doom for series on the streaming giant.

“Ozark” is just one of the many very big releases that Netflix has in store for the rest of 2020. For example, there will be a new season of “Stranger Things” that will be released at some point during the summer. A second season of the monster hit “The Witcher” will be released at the end of the year. This series was the most popular show on Netflix in 2019. It was renewed for a second season very soon after it was released. The popularity of Netflix has kept climbing at a time when many other streaming services are being launched.


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