Huawei Takes Another Gut Punch from The Senate’s Rip And Replace Law


Chinese researchers still don’t know where the coronavirus came from. This is not the first family coronaviruses to infect humans. But other coronaviruses didn’t produce symptoms as severe as the current virus. The World Health Organization calls this coronavirus COVID-19.

Researchers think the coronavirus started in an open market in Wuhan. Evidently, the pangolin anteater is the animal source of this coronavirus. But how pangolins got the virus is unclear. Researchers in Siberia think the viruses and free radicals frozen in permafrost will surface and create the panic that this outbreak continues to create around the world.

President Trump continues to take a beating for closing pandemic health centers in several other countries. His administration is at a disadvantage when it comes to reacting fast enough to prevent the rapid spread of the bug. Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez thinks Mike Pence is a bad choice to oversee controlling COVID-19 because he did such a poor job stopping the spread of HIV while he was Indiana’s governor.

Mr. Pence told the press Dr. Deborah L. Birx will be the “White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator.” Dr. Birx is also in charge of the U.S. mission to control HIV/AIDS around the world. But the infrastructure below Dr. Birx took a direct hit from John Bolton and the president. Mr. Trump closed 37 of the 47 health-related programs Obama put in place to help protect the United States from a pandemic like COVID-19.

The Queen doesn’t want Harry to experience the same treatment her sister Margaret experienced because she is the second-born child. Harry’s chance to become King of England hit a roadblock when William had children. The Queen wants to change the way naming a king or queen works in royal terms, but she wants to put Megxit behind her first. Harry and Meghan wanted to break away from the rules of being part of the royal family, but taking that road does have consequences.

The Senate passed the Rip and Replace bill to make sure American telecom companies get rid of all Huawei and ZTE components. Congress allocated $1 billion so rural phone companies could buy new equipment from tech companies that don’t have roots in China.

The Rip and Replace law, when Trump signs it, is another Huawei gut punch. The president is on a mission to stop Huawei’s global 5G program. But Huawei continues to fight back. CEO Ren Zhengfei wants to open a 5G factory in France in order to prove the company is not a spy, and to service other European 5G clients.


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