Disney+ Is Developing a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Series


There are many shows that are currently in development for the Disney+ streaming platform. One of the most anticipated is a prequel series to the “Beauty and the Beast” film. This story has been the subject of a pair of blockbuster hits for the massive entertainment company. There was an animated version way back in 1993 and a live-action version a few years ago. This new series will chronicle the events leading up to the movie. One of the things that makes this series very interesting for fans of the movies is the fact that the origin story of Gaston will finally be revealed. He was the villain in the original films.

It is expected that Luke Evans and Josh Gad will reprise their roles from the live-action film in the new Disney+ series. There has not been any release date revealed for the series as of yet. However, the series has not started filming. Therefore, it will certainly not be released any time in 2020. It will most likely be available on the streaming platform at some point next year. However, that remains to be seen. Production delays might force the release of the series to be pushed back.

Dan Stevens and Emma Watson were the stars of the live-action film. They played the title characters. They have not officially agreed to take part in the series. However, there is nothing preventing them from showing up for an episode or two at some point in the future. Both of them are very busy on other projects. Therefore, it would be impossible for them to commit to doing an entire series because of the amount of time that would be involved. The series is being run by the same two guys who created the “Once Upon a Time” series.

Disney+ is clearly going to make the most of properties that the company already has control over. They are going to be developing several series that are based on movies that have been produced by Disney. It remains to be seen how many more times they will do this. Viewers will not care as long as the series they produce are entertaining and fun. The “Beauty and the Best” prequel series will have a lot of attention surrounding it because of the fact that the movie made over $1 billion around the world. This means that the potential fan base for this series is huge.


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