What the Tech? Ways to Free up Space on Your iPhone


I guess that it has happened to you too at one point in time. You intend to record a video or take a photo on your smartphone, and a pop-up message appears informing you that the storage is running out. It is frustrating to be caught off-guard like that because you might miss a particularly special moment you wanted to have a picture of or video record.

Millions of individuals save cash by purchasing a gadget with lower storage capacity like 32 GB, which is excellent. Still, the storage is usually used up after a short period, and data and documents are generally the culprits. As listed by Apple, “Other.” You have most likely seen it if you have ever searched to find the information that is occupying a significant room on your iPhone.

You should go to the General setting followed by iPhone storage if you have noticed that the smartphone’s storage capacity is running out. That will help you identify the content that is consuming space. A substantial bit of space is labeled as “other.” What is “other?” and how do you remove it entirely, or at least some chunk of it?

Documents and Data are the contents that make up “other,” you can think of them as “leftovers” from messages, apps, images, and also social media posts that you once saw or liked. A perfect example is Facebook. My phone, for example, the app size is 226 megabytes, but it currently holds another additional 240 megabytes. Camera apps are also one of the most notorious ones. FiLMic Pro app is just 77 megabytes in size, but the data and documents generated by the app currently hold an additional 656 megabytes.

It would help if you perused through your list. Offloading the application does not delete any of those data and documents. So how exactly do you remove the junk files? Delete the application. Yes, erase it, and after that, re-install it. It’s obvious you will not lose anything, and you will reclaim all that storage. It can add to a substantial bit. When searching for means to clear the space and reclaim it, scrutinize your safari settings back in the main settings. Erase Website Data and History in safari.

When it comes to messages, your smartphone saves everything forever. You can check and remove photos other peoples have shared with you. Another alternative is to change the settings to allow messages to be automatically deleted based on your preferred validity period, like after one year, week, or 30 days. It is surprising how much space can be freed up. You can reset ‘other’ if you intend to clear most of it, but it is advisable to back up your phone and photos before resetting.

For android users, you can manage and review your “other” data and documents in the settings. It may appear as if android users have a relatively more straightforward time managing “other” than iPhone users, but I think it’s almost just the same. It is possible to free up more space (most of “Other” documents and data) by factory resetting your device. But first, make sure you have backed up the phone’s content to the cloud or on a computer.


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