Valve Announces Release for First Half-Life Game in 13 Years


After 13 years, video game company Valve has everyone in the gaming community talking about the release of a new addition to the Half-Life series. No, it’s not technically Half-Life 3. But, fans of this series will soon have a lot to look forward to. Valve released an official announcement on Twitter that soon sat the internet ablaze.

Half-Life Alyx’s Official Release Date
The Verge was quick to report about Valve’s major Half-Life Alyx announcement. With a tentative release date of March 23rd, players will soon be able to explore this gaming world in stunning virtual reality. Set between Half-Life 1 and 2, this game will allow players to step into the shoes of Alyx Vance. This is a notable change from players being able to play as Gordon Freeman, this series main character.

More Than a Tech Demo
The world of virtual reality gaming has certainly risen in popularity within the past several years. With that said, gamers are only now starting to see games offering the same length and quality of gameplay that consoles are known for. Instead, Valve let the press know that this game is a full-length experience that’s designed for people to play for long periods. One Valve employee said it’s not uncommon for players to play this game for about two to three hours before wanting to take a break.

Something Promising for Fans Wanting More
Understandably, there was a sizeable portion of the gaming community who were frustrated that Valve didn’t announce something for non-VR players. However, the future for these players might look a little brighter than they think. Valve has mentioned that, if Half-Life Alyx is successful, that this would only be the beginning of more potential releases for this video game series. Therefore, it looks like the success of this game could make or break whether there’s any hope of Half-Life 3 soon.


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