Trump Claims Presidential Privilege And The DOJ Redacts 24 Ukraine Related Emails


China’s injected more than $170 billion into its economy to keep its markets stable during the coronavirus outbreak. The government closed thousands of businesses for a week to slow down the spread of the virus. And China continues to take other steps to keep its citizens safe.

Mr. Trump told the press he shut down the coronavirus. Most U.S. airlines stopped servicing China until the virus runs its course. But China refused help from the United States. The Chinese government didn’t like Trump’s comments and the ban on air travel.

Another Super Bowl is in the history books. The president threw a Super Bowl party at Mar-a-Lago and he sent congrats to Kansas for the Chief’s win. But the Chiefs represent Kansas City, Missouri, not Kansas, so he quickly deleted his tweet.

Mike Pompeo defended his decision to ban NPR from his trip to Ukraine and other eastern European countries. He even talked about free press during his visit to Belarus. But NPR is on Pompeo hate list for outing him after he abused an NPR reporter.

Mr. Pompeo continues to push countries away from using Huawei’s 5G technology. But most countries want Huawei’s 5G help. Boris Johnson gave Huawei the green light to build parts of its cellular 5G service despite threats from Mr. Pompeo and the president.

The outcome of the impeachment trial gives the president fuel to continue to do his own thing while he’s in the oval office, according to Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi. Mr. Schiff told the press Congress will continue to investigate the president’s actions. One Republican senator let the press know if Joe Biden beats the president he will go through impeachment the day after he takes the oath of office. President Trump claims Mr. Biden did a quid pro quo number on Ukraine in order to protect his son when he was VP.

Mike Bloomberg called the president a bold-face liar and said his obesity, spray-tan, and fake hair proves he lies all the time. Bloomberg made those comments after the president said he would have to stand on a box behind the podium during the upcoming debate. The president likes to call Bloomberg “Mini Mike.”

The DOJ turned over 111 emails that contain information about withholding aid from Ukraine. But 24 of those emails contain those heavy black redaction lines. The DOJ claims those emails fall under presidential privilege. But Congress will study the emails in order to continue gathering information about the president’s intentions during the Ukraine fiasco.


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