Trump Claims Huawei Uses Backdoor Tech To Access Phone Networks


Jeff Bezos made the press loop when he sold $4.1 billion worth of Amazon stock. Bezos sold the stock to put the finishing touches on his divorce. Jeff’s ex-wife got a huge cash settlement along with a big chunk of Amazon stock. Even though Bezos agreed to the hefty terms of the divorce, he is still the richest man on the planet.

Mr. Bezos, and his new love Lauren Sanchez, finally found a home that has everything a wealthy couple needs when they decided to purchase Chartwell Estate, the 13,000-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion Warner Bros. executive Jack Warner built in 1930. David Geffen, the current owner, sold the couple the mansion for $165 million. The sale sets a new real estate record. Chartwell Estate is the most expensive home ever sold in California.

Scientists detected fast radio bursts from a Galaxy 500 million light-years away. But it’s hard to detect where the fast radio bursts come from because the signals only last a few milliseconds. Scientists noticed the radio bursts during a four-day period. The bursts came once an hour and then the signals stopped. But the radio burst started again 12 days later. That cycle repeated itself for a year, according to the Science X Network.

According to the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy, these fast radio bursts are one of the greatest mysteries in modern-day astronomy. They only last for a thousandth of a second, but the institute claims there are hundreds of fast radio burst reports since they began in 2007.

President Trump continues to apply pressure to the tech sector of China’s economy. Huawei is the president’s main target. The president wants to make it difficult for Huawei to continue its quest to own the global 5G network. The $100 billion Chinese company has 40% of the global 5G in its pockets at the moment. France, Germany, and Canada haven’t signed a 5G contract with Huawei, so the president wants to stop those countries from doing what the UK just did. Boris Johnson signed a contract with Huawei to build part of its cellular 5G network.

Mr. Trump claims Huawei developed backdoor technology that allows the company to access phone networks using this invasive technology originally design for law enforcement. According to Mr. Trump, Huawei is able to use this technology without permission from phone networks. Huawei denies that claim. CEO Ren Zhengfei told the Wall Street Journal his company would never do anything to jeopardize its relationship with customers.


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