The 2020 Laptop Buying Guide


The primary reason you want to buy a laptop is its ability to run resource-intensive applications while still being compact to carry around. Wherever you want to go – school, meeting, holiday, or home – you can take a laptop, and all will be fine. As a result, picking a good laptop can be quite challenging as there are endless sizes, prices, and features. To help you make the right choice, here’s the 2020 laptop buying guide.

Settle On a Platform

Which computer platform do you prefer? Windows, Mac, or Chrome OS? Today, its more advantageous to have both your phone and laptop from the same platform. This is because you are likely to get some additional features for using both your phone and laptop. If you have an iPhone, getting a Mac can be a great choice, but there is more to this decision.

On the other hand, if you own an android phone, you can settle for Chrome OS or Windows. Keep in mind that you can still use an iPhone with a Windows or Chrome OS, and so can you use an android phone with Mac. Unfortunately, you may not be able to enjoy some platform features.

Is It A 2-In-1?

Do you want a laptop that you can also use as a tablet or a traditional design? If you are looking for a hybrid laptop, then you should know that you can either go for detachable or foldable. A detachable laptop allows you to separate the screen and the keyboard while with a foldable, you will have to fold them to use them as a tablet.

If you are looking for a traditional laptop, then you don’t have to worry about going with a foldable or detachable laptop. Additionally, traditional laptops are more structurally stable, and this means that they can better withstand rough usage. Traditional laptops also cost less than hybrid designs, and therefore you are bound to get more value for your money.

Which Size Do You Prefer?

Laptops are available from 11 to 18 inches. The larger the laptop, the more screen real estate you will get, and also, the more components can be fitted inside. 11 to 12-inch laptops have the smallest screens and are mostly the thinnest and the lightest. They weigh roughly between 2.5 and 3.5 pounds. These small-screen laptops also have the least performance.

On the other hand, 13 to 14-inch laptops are the best of both worlds if you are looking for an excellent balance of performance and mobility. They are just the right size for usable performance to be packed in while still maintaining exceptional thinness and lightness. Most laptops under this category weigh less than 4 pounds.

15 to 16-inch laptops are the most common and typically weigh around 4 to 5.5 pounds. You might prefer laptops in this category if you want to fit a little more on your screen and carry it from time to time. Keep in mind that given the weight and the size, it will take more effort to move it around.

The king of laptops are the 17 to 18-inch, and they are preferable if you have a desk to place your laptop on most of the time. Given their size, these laptops pack insane power and blur the line between what desktops and laptops can do. If you need next-level productivity, this is what to get.

Make Sure You Are Comfortable With the Keyboard and Trackpad

When using your laptop, you are going to interact with the keyboard and trackpad the most. Therefore, you should make sure that you like the keyboard and trackpad of the laptop that you plan to buy.


You will be looking at your laptops display all day. Therefore, you should get a laptop with a display that fist your workflow. Today, there are numerous display options, including 4K 60Hz, 4K 120 Hz, FHD 60Hz, FHD 120Hz, FHD 240Hz. If you are looking for a crisp color-accurate display for creative work and media consumption, you are better off with a 4K display. An FHD display will work fine for most of the other tasks.

While buying your laptop, make sure that you spec it with the highest possible battery available. You will appreciate the extra hours of use you will get from it. Whether you are on a budget or not, these tips will help you get a great laptop for your needs.


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