Netflix Will Make a Live-Action Series Based on the Anime ‘One Piece’


Netflix is going to be producing more shows based on anime titles in the near future. The streaming giant has officially announced that they have bought the rights to a live-action version of the “One Piece” anime series. The series has a very big following all over the world. Therefore, Netflix was very interested in cashing in on that. The project is in the very early stages of development at this point. The man who will be in charge of the production posted some remarks on his social media account. He said that the scripts are still being written for the 10 episodes. He also said that the actors have not been cast as of yet. He asked people to be patient with him.

Netflix has produced a very nice catalog of anime titles over the years. They have a good relationship with many animation studios that are located in Japan. Tomorrow Studios will be handling the production duties on the “One Piece” series. It was not announced when the series will be released. This is not very surprising. Netflix usually does not give release dates very far in advance. The anticipation for the new live-action version of this beloved anime is very high. This will be a very high profile project for Netflix. The company needs to make sure that the live-action “One Piece” series is just as good as the anime and manga versions. Only time will tell if that will be the case.

Netflix received very good reviews for the “Castlevania” anime series that they produced. They will also be producing a new version of the anime classic “Ghost in the Shell” that will be done totally with computer animation. There is no question that Netflix is very aware of the global appeal of anime properties. They are always looking for new ways to tap into this market.

There are many rumors about what the live-action version of “One-Piece will look like. However, it is all just conjecture at this point. Netflix has already stated that they are going to give this series a very decent budget. This means that the production value of the series will be very high. If history tells us anything, it is that Netflix is not afraid to spend money. They will be spending roughly $20 billion on content this year. “One Piece” has people very excited.


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