Netflix Unveils New Nature Series


The Netflix streaming service keeps offering new and innovative shows to entertain their paying customers. They recently released a trailer to a new nature series called “Night on Earth”. The series is not your typical wildlife documentary. It films the animals at night using cameras that are very advanced. Because the animals are all being filmed under the cover of darkness, some very interesting behavior is caught on camera that has never been seen before. The series was filmed in over 30 countries. Many of the most skilled people in the world of wildlife photography were involved in the making of this series.

“Night on Earth” is getting a lot of great reviews from the people who have already seen it. Netflix has said that they want to increase the number of documentary series that are available on their platform. This is especially true for nature documentaries which the streaming giant admits are in very short supply. Netflix knows that the only way that they are going to win the streaming wars is to provide a very wide range of programming that appeals to every age group and demographic. There is no question that “Night on Earth” will have a very massive appeal to several different demographics.

Netflix has been producing more original programming than they usually do. This is because of the added competition from Disney and their new streaming service that they just released last year. There will also be increased competition from Amazon in the months and years ahead. This is because Amazon has shown a willingness to spend a large amount of money to produce their own original content like Netflix and Disney. As an example of that, Netflix bought the rights to a series that will be based on the “Lord of the Rings” stories. They are going to spend north of $250 million to film 10 episodes.

“Night on Earth” will certainly be a big hit with animal lovers all over the world. Netflix said it cost a lot more to produce than most nature documentaries because of the type of filming that was required. However, the company said that it was worth the money because of the great footage that they were able to get. The streaming service feels that they have a catalog of shows and movies that will keep them a major player in the streaming wars for many years to come.


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