Netflix Didn’t Do Well at the Oscars


It was not a great night for Netflix at the Academy Awards. The streaming giant racked up a total of 24 nominations. However, only two Oscar trophies were awarded to Netflix on the evening. This was a huge disappointment because it is rumored than Netflix spent as much as $100 million on Oscar events in an attempt to get voters to strongly consider their films. All of that money was wasted. The film “Parasite” was the big winner of the evening. The favorite among Netflix films to collect many awards was “The Irishman.” However, the film did not get a single award from the 10 nominations that it received.

Netflix thought there was a very real chance that they would leave the Oscar ceremony with many of the top awards. However, that was not the case. “Marriage Story” is another Netflix film that was heavily nominated and wound up walking away with very little. It was a surprise to everyone that “Parasite” did as well as it did. The film is from South Korea. Therefore, it was not given much of a chance to win in many of the major categories. There are now plans to make “Parasite” into a series.

Netflix has become very famous for spending an obscene amount of money on original content. They will shell out more than $20 billion on various shows and movies this year. This is why the poor performance is so devastating to the most popular streaming service in the world. They were counting on many Oscar wins that they could use to promote their service and the quality content that it provides. That will not be possible now because they only won a pair of Oscars. It will be interesting to find out what the people who run Netflix have to say about the Academy Award results.

Obviously, the lack of Oscar wins for Netflix films does not take away from the high quality of the movies they produced in 2019. Netflix was not taken very seriously by Hollywood several years ago when they started to produce their own original movies. What a difference a few years makes. They are now regarded as one of the best places for filmmakers and creative people to go in order to have their visions realized. Netflix original movies have now caught up to the major studios in terms of their overall quality and entertainment value.


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