‘Locke and Key’ Will Soon Debut on Netflix


There have been many TV series lately that have been adapted from comic books. Amazon has had great success with a series called “The Boys.” There will soon be another series based on a comic book. This one will be on Netflix. It will be called “Locke and Key.” The comic book that the series is based on has received much acclaim since it was first released. It is about an old house that gives people great powers through magical keys. However, there is an evil demon who is also trying to take possession of the keys. “Locke and Key” has already been seen by many critics and the early response has been very positive.

Netflix bought the rights to this comic series over two years ago. There has been a great deal of hype surrounding the production. The original comic books are very highly regarded. Therefore, there are very high expectations for the series. Netflix has been promoting it very heavily over the past few months. They are hoping it will turn into another big hit. The streaming giant is in need of some huge original programs to combat many of the shows that are on Disney+, Amazon and Hulu.

“Locke and Key” did not cost a lot of money to produce. This means that it will be very likely to be picked up for a second season if the series is even mildly popular. There are no big stars in the series. That helped to keep the budget very low. Netflix has become more interested in taking chances on comic book properties that many people might not be familiar with. They feel that this is a good creative direction for the platform to move in. They will be buying the rights to more comic book properties in the near future. However, they have not revealed what titles they are interested in.

The streaming wars are in full swing. All of the platforms are going to need to invest in original content if they are going to survive. Netflix has shown a willingness to spend large sums of money on projects that they believe in. They clearly think that “Locke and Key” is going to be a winner. They are promoting it much more heavily than many of their other shows. We will have to wait and see if people start watching this new series in very large numbers.


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