Huawei’s 5G Dominance Has American Techies Holding Hands


Thousands of federal prosecutors want Bill Barr to resign. When Mr. Barr decided to help Roger Stone, one of Trump’s conspiracy theory friends, by throwing four of his prosecutors to the judicial curve, prosecutors went ballistic. Interfering with the judicial system compromises the Rule of Law prosecutors took an oath to protect, according to the New York Times.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer turned the congressional heat up on Mr. Barr. But the impeachment trial took some of the sting out of Congress. But Mr. Barr plans to sit in front of Congress in late March to explain why he continues to protect the president.

Interfering with the Roger Stone sentencing case is just one of Barr’s sketchy legal decisions. Mr. Barr sugar-coated the Mueller report, so the president could claim the Mueller investigation was a hoax. And he interfered with the Michael Flynn sentencing trail to help another Trump loyalist avoid jail time. Mr. Barr continues to open fruitless investigations that hassle Trump’s enemies in order for the president to claim he is the victim of a deep state conspiracy.

Federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York want to indict Rudy Giuliani for playing a role in Lev Parnas’s company, Fraud Guarantee. Prosecutors think Parnas, and his partners mislead investors. The Feds believe Rudy played a role in that scheme, and they want to prove it.

Parnas wrote Rudy a check for $500,000 during Rudy’s nasty divorce even though he didn’t do any legal work for Fraud Guarantee. Rudy was short of cash during the divorce proceedings, so Parnas wrote him a check, and a friend lent Rudy $100,000. The friend claims Rudy continues to pay back the loan.

The U.S. economy will feel the impact of the coronavirus, according to Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. Powell expects a ½% decline in GDP growth in the first quarter. Steve Mnuchin told a group the Boeing 737 Max debacle will also take ½% off economic growth this year. Trump needs a strong economy in order to win in November. But GDP growth continues to erode, according to the New York Times.

Several tech companies want to slow down Huawei’s 5G dominance. The U.S. wants European partners to develop 5G technology that works better than Huawei’s infrastructure.

The Vodafone Group and Deutsche Telekom plan to develop a flexible 5G network infrastructure that would let phone carriers use products from several vendors by teaming up with a Facebook project. Instead of replacing Huawei products, and starting over, Facebook’s Telecom Infra Project will allow phone companies to use existing components with the new 5G components. That move would save American tech companies millions of dollars.


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