Enjin to Lay the Foundation for Gaming Assets


Enjin recently went public on Ethereum. Rajarshi Mitra discussed the topic in the article “Game development platform Enjin goes live on Ethereum”. Below are his main points:

  • seamless integration
  • ease the development process
  • decentralized and open source code

Currently, few options exist for users to monetize their game assets. Blockchains like Ethereum can meet the requirements of both developers and users. It provides the opportunity for assigning a market value to digital assets.

Importance of Seamless Integration

The gaming industry is quite extensive. Developing digital assets from the ground-up is cumbersome. This is why seamless integration is important. Ethereum proved it can meet enterprise challenges. With Ethereum 2.0 on the horizon, there is even greater optimism for projects like Enjin.

Enticing Developers with an Easier Development Process

Besides finding ways to integrate into existing architecture, many developers see blockchain as challenging. It not only presents unique coding paradigms but also represents a new way of thinking. Ethereum enables developers to more easily exchange the solutions that they have already incorporated into blockchain technology. This is a dynamic that already exists for traditional Internet architecture. It is something that developers realized long ago would be required for blockchain to become mainstream.

The Difference in Decentralized Networks

The importance of decentralized networks lie in the value of users to maintain the ownership of their digital assets. This goes for both personal information and acquired assets like gaming tokens. A decentralized network ensures that no single entity determines the fate of the digital assets that exist on a blockchain. It also protects against monopolization of the gaming marketplace. Most of all, it empowers users to check and validate their own transactions. Without a decentralized network, some say that true blockchain applications cannot exist.


Enjin chose Ethereum because it reassures users that their assets will be on a trusted blockchain network. The seamless integration will only improve with Ethereum 2.0. The development community that already exists on Ethereum is among the most well-developed. Take all these things together and what results is a real solution for meeting the demands of modern gamers. It has been a long time coming that gamers will get to make their own transactions on a true marketplace. It will enable gamers to express how meaningful their play and creative time is to them.


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