App Industry Generating Billions, Tracking Coronavirus In Focus


Consumers spent some $120 billion on apps last year according to the latest “State of Mobile” analysis report. App Annie, the publisher of the review, is highlighting how the trend is rivaling the culture of watching television today. A leading mobile data analytics insights company, App Annie provides real-time performance statistics on mobile industry trends. It’s a highly profitable market that has garnered over 204 billion app downloads in 2019 alone. The fascinating piece of fact is that the average user spends almost four hours utilizing apps daily.

Although the mobile app industry had a tremendously fruitful year in 2019, it was a dark time for some developers. In technology, TechCrunch explains HQ Trivia’s devastating plummet to death, and more. HQ Trivia, one of the hottest mobile app game show platforms, has officially shut down. The app hosts live trivia tournaments online that doles out generous winnings to its players. With the app becoming an instant success, it started attracting the wrong type of attention, cheaters, copycats, and nefarious miscreants. Prize money was dwindling fast, and the once-lively online gaming spot was slowly losing momentum. What makes matters worse, Colin Kroll; one of its co-founders died, and everything crumbled. A string of layoffs and firings ensued as things reached a tipping point. Its farewell chronicled an unforgettable night of trivia gaming that rocked headlines.

Apps simplify everyday activities in various ways, but who would guess it could be a coronavirus tracking tool. A recent NYTimes article shares how South Korea is employing app technology to generate real-time tracking of coronavirus cases. Although the app has an austere confidentiality policy, it provides comprehensive statistics about confirmed cases. It details everything from daily routes to gender to the age of the infected. Following the heavy scrutiny the nation faced when MERS swept it half a decade ago, it decided to approach record-keeping differently. Now, it has a real-time online map forecasting affected sites, which is helping citizens avoid possible infection.

Since its official launch, the website has been steadily attracting over 300,000 viewers daily. With the rapidly growing number of cases in recent weeks, keeping up is incredibly challenging these days. Also, there is another website providing similar interactive mapping service, but on a global scale. Its reporting forecasts real-time mapping of confirmed deaths, discharged patients, and infections.


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