Al Pacino Will Star in a New Amazon Series


Al Pacino is considered to be one of the best actors ever. His credits are astonishing. The number of iconic films that he has starred in is too long to list here. However, he has never starred in a TV series until now. A series will soon be released on Amazon called “Hunters” starring Al Pacino as a Nazi hunter in 1977 New York City. A group of high ranking Nazi officials were able to escape Europe at the end of the second World War. They secretly made their way to the United States where they have been living in secret. They are plotting to take over the country. Pacino and his team will try to track down these Nazis and bring them to justice.

It is very big news that Pacino has agreed to do a TV series. An actor of his caliber was thought to be above doing a series. However, this only demonstrates the enormous amount of money that the streaming companies are prepared to throw at huge stars in order to get them to be a part of their projects. It will be very interesting to see how the show is received. The trailer is already getting some very good buzz online. That bodes very well for its eventual success.

There have been rumors over the past several years that Pacino was in talks to do a streaming series. However, nothing ever happened. It was thought that the rumors were totally false. However, it would appear that they had some merit to them. Pacino and other top actors have shown a willingness to go where the best scripts are. These days, the best scripts are available on shows and movies that are produced by streaming services. The popularity of Netflix and Amazon is enormous and actors know it. There is no longer a stigma of working for a streaming service. Everybody is doing it these days.

There are expected to be 10 episodes of “Hunters.” The expectations for the series are very high. Pacino’s involvement in the project will bring a lot of attention to it. It will be very big for Amazon to have a highly acclaimed series in the wake of Netflix and Disney+ both scoring big hits recently. However, it is not known if the subject matter of hunting down Nazi war criminals will attract younger viewers. By getting Al Pacino to agree to this series, Amazon is officially a big player in the streaming wars.


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