The Most Important Show on Netflix Is ‘The Witcher’


Netflix is now fighting many other streaming services that have appeared over the past several months. There will also be more competition that will appear during the next few months. The streaming giant knows that the only way it will be able to effectively fend off this competition is to create their own original programming that people are willing to pay for. One of the highest profile shows to be released on Netflix in a long time is “The Witcher.” It stars Henry Cavill as a man with special powers and abilities. He hunts down demons and other evil creatures.

“The Witcher” was thought to be a slam dunk due in large part to the fact that it already had a huge fan base that numbered in the millions around the world. There were many successful books about the character that had been published in many languages. There had also been a pair of video games that have become ionic. Therefore, Netflix snatched up the property in the hopes of creating a series that will pick up the slack of the recently departed “Game of Thrones.” It seems that they were able to achieve this. The show has become a massive hit around the world. It is now considered to be the most important series on the entire Netflix streaming platform.

Netflix was in desperate need of a hit show after the November release of the Disney+ streaming service that stole many headlines. Netflix needed something to get the spotlight back on them. “The Witcher” was just the right show to do that. There are many investors who are very enthusiastic about the future of the Netflix stock. This is due in large part to the success that “The Witcher” has had since it was released in December.

Needless to say, Netflix has already given the green light to make a second season of “The Witcher” that will be released at the end of 2020. “Stranger Things” has been a big hit for Netflix. However, that series will be releasing its fourth season later this year. There is a very good chance it could be the last one. If “Stranger Things” actually comes to an end, that makes the importance of “The Witcher” even greater to the future success of Netflix. The series might very well be the thing that prevents Disney+ from overtaking Netflix during the next few years.


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