Has the Us Overplayed Its Tech Advantage?


The Iranian government is at daggers drawn with the entire global fraternity after their 8th January attack on flight PS752. Besides that, citizens of Iran feel estranged with their government due to the shooting down of the plane that left 176 people dead. The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was the first one to blame the Iranian government one day after the attack. Hours after the Canadian government made the allegations; the US government ratified the information. These made influential lawmakers and persons see it as a blame game between the nations. However, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, was reprimanded for killing the second most powerful man in Iran, others claiming it was a dangerous move.

However, there still queries of how both the two governments, the United States and Canada, came to be precise and sure of the attack. Furthermore, how were they able to know that the plane was shot by a TOR-M1 missile yet they have never come up with answers concerning the Malaysia flight 370. However, the US is the most powerful country with the 5G network compared to china.

Technology is the new opium
In the past years, policies were made to unite tech makers and made sure they used one globally accepted standard. However, Americans took advantage and started to manipulate and to gather data from other countries to identify countries that were a threat to them. The superior states came up with their own Global Investigation Positioning Systems to defend themselves from such invasion. Most of these countries no longer rely heavily on the US for national and cybersecurity. For instance, the Chinese have the BeiDou Navigation (BDS), Russians have the GLONASS, the Japanese are coming up with the Quasi-Zenith Satellite Systems, and the European Union is creating the Galileo.

When it comes to protecting its dominance, the US is very protective. Thus, the reason why the US is fighting with China over the 5G tech. Still, the fight is over who dominates over the technology. However, tech is like the new opium raking in control, power, and money. Americans were enjoying the benefits until the chines introduced themselves to the business. It is making it difficult for the US as its hard for them to share the same profits with another country.

Unexplained flight discrepancies
Aviation analysts and experts are being baffled by the differences in the information released of the PS752 flight. Investigations prove that there was some similarity a few seconds before the crush of between flight PS752 and the Malaysian MH370. Nevertheless, It remains a question whether it was a coincidence or not.


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