Facebook Set to Be Trumps Associate for the Upcoming Elections


Even with all predicaments descending upon him, Trump still has a high chance of being the president in the forthcoming elections. With a will to win, Trump campaign is taking over the US with a big bang. For instance, voters are getting masses of data through social media platforms.

However, with the impeachment drama following Trump, it will be hard for him to win the elections. Last year, the leading democrat presidential candidate, reduced his online ad budget. It is raising questions on whether it was the best idea or not. In the last elections, Facebook was Trump’s ally in his campaigns. The same is bound to happen this year as the firm’s rules and policies remain the same. In October 2019, it was put to light that Facebook played an essential role by excluding ads by candidates and parties. Many expected Mark Zuckerberg firm to change its policies, but they got disappointed.

Nevertheless, most internet firms are taking matters into their hands and are tightening up. For instance, last year, twitter suppressed most political ads after people lamed it for misleading information. Google, on the other hand, will block political advertisers targeting users based on political unity. Though firms are taking necessary measures to prevent a repeat of last election events, Facebook will not change anytime soon. However, Mark Zuckerberg firm has come up with ways of ensuring there is transparency in political ads. Also, Facebook improved its endeavor against external intrusion promised to showcase fewer political and social ads.

According to Facebook CEO advisory firm, it is not the Facebook duty to stop politician’s messages from reaching targeted users. Also, he added that NGO’s, political campaigns and charities consider targeted ads as vital to them. It brings up a challenge by giving politicians the right to lie with non-liability.

For instance, trump campaign team October last year advertised that Ukrainian authorities received $1bn from Biden. The money meant to drop charges and investigations on a firm connected with his son. Peter Thiel, one of the Facebook board members and an ally of Trump, is in support of the Facebook approach to political deceiving acts. According to him, the trumps digital ad campaign was the best, and it was the one that helped him gather votes and win the election. He adds that the same will happen in the upcoming campaign, and if all goes well, Trump will still be the president.


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