Britain Give Huawei a Restricted Role in 5G Network


The British government has given Huawei the green light to be operative in their 5G network development but on a restricted capacity. This is in spite of warnings from their ally – the U.S. – against working with the Chinese tech giant because of security worries.

According to the agreement between Huawei and the British government:
• The tech giant will be hindered from outfitting amenities to delicate parts of the U.K.’s network and will only be allowed 35% of the non-delicate parts of the network.
• The Chinese based company, which is now the leading supplier of masts and network equipment all over the world, will not be allowed to work near nuclear plants or military bases.
• The U.S. government had warned Britain against working with Huawei and had said that if they indeed decided to work with them they will terminate their intelligence sharing. On the other hand, Beijing had warned that if the British government ban Huawei it will affect future trade deals.
• The head of Huawei in the U.K. gave a statement after Britain allowed Huawei to continue operating, “Huawei has gotten reassurance from the British administration’s confirmation to offer high speed fifth generation internet coverage services to our customers in the United Kingdom.”
• London says that the measures which is directed towards high-risk vendors will keep the West’s intelligence and technology safe from being stolen by the Chinese. This is after evidence of stolen technology has emerged in the recent past.
• Other networks included in the development of U.K.s 5G infrastructure are: Samsung which is based in South Korea, Ericsson and Nokia which are based in Europe and China’s ZTE.

Washington vs Beijing
In the midst of a damaging trade war with China, the U.S. had warned its companies from working with Huawei because of fears that the 5G technology being rolled out by Huawei might be used to spy on Americans by China. However, Huawei has refuted claims that they are working with the Chinese communist government. In the meantime, Huawei’s CFO and daughter of the company’s founder Meng Wanzhou, is being tried in Canada and is fighting being handed over to the U.S. to face fraud allegations.

Trump vs Johnson
A policy difference is emerging between Trump and Boris Johnson, this is after U.K. signaled that they will proceed with their threat of taxing tech giants like Facebook and Amazon who pay little taxes. America has warned that it will retaliate with tariffs.


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