Apple Intends to Release Several iPhone Models in 2020


Sales drive Apple’s profits. The debut of the Apple+ streaming service made news headlines and, for a time, seemed to define Apple’s future business plans. Anyone who assumed Apple intends to focus on new business ventures exclusively, however, wouldn’t be correct. The company’s staple product, the iPhone, continues to take center stage in the business world. Apple does have some surprising plans for the iPhone in 2020. The tech conglomerate may launch two iPhone SE 2 models before the new year comes to a close.

Questions arise about whether the market could sustain two versions of the same model. The costs of producing two versions would invariably be more than those involved with creating one.

The proposed difference with the second model centers on display size. The second release would offer either a 5.5- or 6.1-inch LCD display. The confirmed SE 2 features a 4.7-inch LCD display. Offering two different LCD display screens makes sense from a marketing perspective, as the added choice could reach a wider base of consumers. Customers unhappy with only a 4.7-inch option might move in the direction of a competitor, which Apple surely won’t want.

If Apple releases two iPhone SE 2’s, then the total number of iPhones that hit the market in 2020 tops out at five. Releasing so many iPhones to the market in a single year seems risky, but Apple likely believes the demand is strong enough to support the product volume.

Apple continues to make news in the tech world. The corporate giant suffered some downs during early 2019, but the end of the year saw the company get back on track. One analyst even predicts that Apple’s stock will increase another $100 per share, although no one knows whether the optimistic prediction will turn out to be true. The various business moves by Apple do indicate the company wants to go into 2020 with significant momentum. Of course, consumers are the ones who have the final say on things. If they deliver massive sales on the multi-iPhone releases, then Apple may potentially experience another banner year. How Apple ultimately performs will be revealed throughout the year.


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