2020 Will Bring a New Renaissance: Humanity Over Technology


The future seems to be bright; this is, according to Gerd Leonhard, a global influencer and an advisor. Gerd added that for people to attain a better future, they need to be innovative and creative and lead the future with wisdom. Geopolitical predicaments and economic back crash are the challenges faced in the past two decades. However, for a new renaissance, the above conditions might not act at as signals for it. The original revival was a result of regrowth of human culture and not idyllic circumstances.

Technology is the new religion
As time goes by, tech is slowly taking over and superseding the church religion. A new church is coming to up-the church of dataism, which is taking over how people exchange ideas, learn, and conduct businesses. An algorithmic society caused by social media is emerging, creating division among people and manipulating them. Gerd claims that people might have reached the “peak tech worship,” proofing the rebirth of humanity.

Business, as usual, will kill us
Climate change is finally a natural calamity, together with tech domination. In the past decade, technology came before humanity, and the people spoilt the environment extensively. However, Gerd claims that these habits should come to an end. However, top exponential tech progress will be noticed in the upcoming new renaissance that will see the rebirth of humanism and humanities. In the next seven years, firms that adhere to ” planet, purpose, people and prosperity” will notice the emergence of new stock.

Our world is going to have significant changes in the next two decades than in the previous three centuries
Curiosity and innovation took over the religious dogma in the first’s renaissance. Tech dogmas like, speed, efficiency connectivity, and optimization will see their replacement in the second renaissance. According to Elon Musk, for people to keep up with the pace of AI, humans have to have the speed and efficiency close to that of machines. AI is the critical driver in the current generation. In the future, humanness will be scarce, yet in high demand, and tech will be the inexhaustible product. However, ‘androrithms’, that is, non-data, non- binary and non-computable attributes will never be replicable in silicon even though they are binders of civilization.

The future is to be human, not less
Super-humanity and fear by silicon and Netflix, respectively, are the flavors that present the future. However, the future is not infernal nor ideal. People must be knowledgable with human-only skills and not industrial obsession for us to attain the new renaissance.


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