Wrench Inc. To The Rescue


Wrench Inc. is a mobile mechanic company that is headquartered in Seattle and serves a number of areas nationwide. This is an innovative business that is doing extremely well for a number of reasons. First of all, by coming to their customers, working with the Wrench Inc. team is an extremely convenient experience that does not involve waiting rooms. Secondly, the company hires expert and experienced mechanics, and the quality of their work is very high. So much, in fact, that the company backs up much of it with warranties.

Wherever your car is

Wrench Inc. comes to your vehicle wherever it is. They bring the tools they need to work on virtually all types of vehicles and can do the job whether the car or truck is in a parking lot or a garage. If you know what is wrong with your vehicle, they can give you a quote over the phone. If not, they can diagnose the problem on the scene.

Whatever a mechanic does for you, they will get your approval first; there are no surprises when it comes time to pay the bill. While a credit card is required for pre-authorization, it will not be charged until the actual services have been performed. All the customer has to do is hand over the keys to the vehicle once the mechanic is there. There’s no need to watch the work being done, and a detailed receipt and explanation of services performed is emailed to the customer.

Fleet maintenance

If you are running a fleet of vehicles, then Wrench Inc. is an excellent business to work with. They offer a fleet management program and are committed to becoming your long-term partner in keeping your vehicles running safely and effectively. Each client gets an account manager, and the Wrench Inc. team takes care of details like fluid disposal. They are easy to work with and never take a high-pressure sales approach. What’s more, the company carries liability insurance.

Roadside assistance and towing

Wrench Inc. offers roadside assistance, and they are excellent at getting to motorists in need fast because they are already set up as an efficient mobile operation. For problems such as flat tires, stalled engines and so forth, members can reach the company from their phones and relax knowing that expert help is on the way. If the problem with the vehicle is too great to fix by the side of the road, the company comes through with towing services. Customers love the feeling of security they get from the roadside assistance program. When you call a mechanic, you can even track their progress to your location from your phone.


Fast, tech-savvy and committed to customer convenience, this is truly a company for the modern era. Furthermore, they are an environmentally sensitive organization that disposes of motor oils and other automotive fluids in a responsible manner. The company is thriving and appears poised to expand to more cities.


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