The Tech Trends Projected to Shape 2020


The year 2020 is expected to be exciting as well as a paradox according to Telenor Research. The unusual situation is likely to rise from the big technology conversation and tech solutions. The issues are anticipated to come from a range of sectors and companies starting with the Internet of Things, Green Tech, and DIY AI, among others.

Ten years back, internet companies, mobile servicers and device makers built another world. The virtual futuristic world is a digital one where people work, play and live. The way digital realities should productively, as well as safely intersect, will be reflected in the coming decade. Telenor researchers believe that the reality will hit us at the start of the next decade.

Faster than ever before, most trends have charged quickly to become spotlights for next year conferences. The high rates experienced are as a result of more demand, access and the revolutionary new technology platforms as well as sociopolitical forces. This report is according to the head of Telenor research, Bjorn Taale Sandberg.

The Points Suggesting the Exciting and Chaotic Complex Year

1. Green becomes mean

The green innovation is becoming real and spurting hype. Straw bans and reusable bags have turned out as a cause of deja vu to Instagram influencers. Nevertheless, in the year 2020, nobody will get satisfied with unfulfilled promises. In the coming year, it is expected that green innovations will move beyond the hype. This will reduce demand, the global carbon footprint and the use of IoT or AI technology to measure consumption. Thus, the progress will help cut costs as well as build new revenue streams.

2. Internet Bodies

Internet of things has afforded copious column in recent times. Mostly, IoT has gained popularity in businesses, technology as well as the world of commerce. Nevertheless, sensors in manufacturing systems, agricultural infrastructure and shipping containers have been revolutionized to meet the daily needs of the global economy. 2020 has a sign of bringing such sectors to the home of tech.

3. AI Credibility

When people have a wide range of choices, making the right one becomes easier. However, with the vast data in disposure machines direct or even choose the proper selection. the disturbing case is when the info is wrong, biased, compromised or inaccurate. As a result of this distress, machine learning is to be introduced.

The List of Other Expected Trends

• eSIM takes off
• Charge rage
• Sleep technology
• 2020 takes us to the stars
• Clash streaming giants
• Gaming gold urgency
• The gig’s up
• Deepfake for masses
• Bringing Big Technology down to size
• Ethical AI in gear
• Digital Twinning and digital winning
• Phone scams
• Second-hand


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