The History Of Regina Down And How She Reached Her Current Position Of Employment


    Its headquarters found in Hauppauge, New York, TSR Consulting is a New England regional leader in providing a handful of different services related to information technology and other high-tech applications.

    One of TSR Consulting’s major services is helping clients find suitable employees capable of providing technical services on an in-house basis. While such types of employees are the most commonly-provided in TSR Consulting’s contemporary line of business, the firm also helps clients get joined up with recruiters, advertisers, high-up operations managers, and low-to-mid-level supervisors.

    Although TSR Consulting’s success across the past four-plus decades is far from being credited to any one employee, member of its board of directors, or executive, it’s safe to say that Mr. Regina Dowd has played a major role in the sustenance of TSR Consulting’s high-level performance over the past decade, at minimum.

    Regina Dowd holds a pair of roles at TSR Consultancy Services, the full name of the company, of executive sales officer and director. Ms. Regina Dowd inherited the positions she’s in right now after her father, the longtime Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of the New York-based business-use service provider, stepped down from the positions in 2017.

    However, despite what Ms. Regina Dowd’s connections may lead you or anybody else to believe about how she obtained the high-ranking roles she currently fulfills, she had to work just as hard as anybody within the ranks of the company to get where she is right now.

    Regina Dowd first started working for TSR Consulting back in 2010, beginning as an account representative. In this capacity, Regina Dowd would do things like help clients take care of any and all issues that they were having at the time, as well as trying to bring in potential buyers into the company’s list of established customers by closing on potential leads that Ms. Dowd thought up on her own without assistance from the customer relationship management programs that are common across the contemporary business market.

    Ms. Dowd moved up from being an account rep in 2010 to the role of account manager, a step up from the role of account representative, in 2011, in which she did things like consulted clients in the capacity of technology help. She also helped clients augment their existing ranks of employees so as to best implement new workers in the roles of information technology staff experts.

    Further, the majority of Regina’s clients at this point in time weren’t just any type of clients, as they were almost entirely high-end accounts that were worth many thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    The background of Regina Dowd

    In 1978, Regina enrolled in Fairfield University to obtain a bachelor’s in nursing. Although she wanted to become a nurse her whole life up to this point, when she graduated in 1982, she began working as a Quality Assurance Coordinator several years after being a nurse. She liked the business side of things in the medical field, eventually ending up where she’s at now.


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