Singapore Forces Facebook to Indicate a False Post


There was a new law that was implemented in Singapore that is the first of its kind. There has been much talk about fake news over the past year. Singapore wants to make sure that Facebook posts that contain false info are labeled as such. Therefore, the country has started to enforce a law that will require the social media giant to place a label on any post they designate as being false. The label will tell people that the post contains false info. Only people in Singapore will be able to see the label. The law has been discussed in Singapore for the better part of two years.

There is a very good chance that many other countries will start to follow Singapore’s lead where Facebook is concerned. Many countries are fed up with the lies that are posted on the social media giant every day. Labeling certain posts as being fake will allow people to avoid the disinformation that has infected many parts of the world. There were reports that some people in Singapore were not able to see the label. Facebook has not issued a statement about the technical issues preventing people from seeing it. They are looking into the problem.

Politicians in Singapore said that this is a law that has been a long time coming. They feel that the things that are posted on Facebook should be monitored and policed much better than they are right now. Singapore lawmakers feel that Facebook is not doing a good enough job. Therefore, they needed to implement a law that would basically give the country the power to correct the mistakes made by Facebook. It is unclear what needs to happen for a request to be issued for Facebook to post a label. It is presumed that a vote among Singapore lawmakers would need to take place. It is unlikely that only one person would have the power to make this decision.

Facebook has been criticized on a global scale for its various policies concerning the harmful and false content that it refuses to take down. In this case, Singapore is forcing Facebook to do something. Facebook must abide by the laws of the countries that it operates in. Therefore, when Singapore tells Facebook to label a certain post as being false, the social network must comply. There is no word on other countries working towards passing a similar law in the near future.


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