People Will Pay More for the Best Streaming Content


All of the streaming services are trying the best they can to get people to sign up. This is going to be harder to do as more large media companies jump into the fray. Netflix has been the king of the hill for a very long time. However, the days of their absolute domination are gone forever. That is because Disney and Apple have entered into the equation. Disney in particular has a huge catalog of classic titles that has made literally millions of people sign up in the three weeks that their streaming service has been around.

Many experts have wondered how much people will be willing to pay for streaming services after they cancel their cable or satellite TV. The answer seems to be that people will pay a hefty fee for a streaming service. However, it has to offer a lot of content that they value. There have been a variety of surveys conducted where streaming service subscribers are asked how much they pay per month. The average price has been $22. They will also pay $10 more in order to get bonus services. This is very interesting to note. It means that there are many people who are willing to subscribe to more than one streaming service.

Comcast will start their new Peacock streaming service in 2020. They will be joined by HBO Max. These services will only make the competition for new subscribers much more fierce. It seems very clear that the pricing of each service will have a direct impact on the number of subscribers they are able to get. It seems likely that each streaming service will adjust their price according to how many subscribers they do or don’t get. For example, Disney+ has been a smash hit in ever way. Therefore, a hike in price is to be expected sooner rather than later.

The streaming services that will survive will be the ones that give the people who subscribe the most bang for their buck. So far, Disney has delivered a lot of value. Their price is very affordable and the amount of content is astonishing. HBO Max is going to be much more expensive than any of their competitors. Will this impact how well they are able to do out of the gate? Only time will tell. What is certain is that consumers will have some big choices to make about how to spend their entertainment dollars.


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