New App Allows Parents to Monitor Their Babysitters


Dianna Toyberman is a stay-at-home mom who lives in Manhattan. She recently invented an app that will allow parents to monitor babysitters. They will be able to keep track of the activity from the cell phone.

Both parents and the babysitters can sign up for the app for free. After, they will have to upload pictures of themselves. Their location will pop up after they have signed up for the app. If the babysitter is acting up, then the boss will be messaged immediately.

For example, if the babysitter is abusing the child, then everyone who is in the area can text the babysitter’s boss. They will also be able to send photos and videos of the questionable acts. Dianna stated that she was inspired to create the app after she saw a nanny leave a child unattended in a park five years ago.

Dianna stated that the employer will decide how the situation will be handled. She also said that if she was leaving her child in the care of someone else, then she would want to know what was happening. There have been many nanny videos posted in mom groups on Facebook. They are called “nanny fails”. There are videos of nannies ignoring the children while they text or walking too far ahead of the children.

These posts are controversial. Some people think that people are right to post those videos. Others think that the videos are an invasion of privacy. Dianna stated that the Stroller Patrol app is better than posting the videos alone. The videos and photos will be kept between the parent and nanny.

Dianna also stated that mutual consent is required for the app to work. Marina Aronin is the mother of two children. She is also a speech pathologist. She likes the app because she has already had to fire two nannies because of questionable behavior.

Michelle Brown is a nanny who also likes the app. She said that you cannot be too careful when it comes to children. However, there are some people who do not like the app. They think that it is creepy.

Hassanatau Barry is the founder of the Babysitter Guru support service. She thinks that the app will destroy the trust between the parent and babysitter.


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