Netflix Wants to Dominate India


The biggest and most popular streaming service in the world is Netflix. They have over 150 million monthly subscribers. However, the company is not satisfied with that tremendous success. They are working on ways to grow their brand and attract new subscribers. They know they need to do this because of the increased competition from the Disney+ streaming service. One of the countries that Netflix is focusing on very heavily is India. It makes sense that they are doing this because India has a population of over one billion people. Only China has a bigger population. This means that the amount of money that Netflix stands to make in India could potentially be massive.

There are a number of things that Netflix is doing to specifically appeal to people in India. For example, they have been increasing the amount of shows and movies that are in Hindi, the official language of India. Netflix knows that people generally prefer to watch shows that are in their own language instead of having to read subtitles. Netflix has also launched a new subscription plan in India that is only for mobile phones. It only costs $3 per month. This will be very attractive to the many low income people in India.

Netflix will also offer people in India many different subscription packages that are not available elsewhere. The packages will offer greater discounts if the customer is willing to commit to a longer subscription. The streaming giant is hoping that these offers will help the company to set itself apart from the other streaming companies that are currently doing business in India. One of the best ways to get people in India to sign up to Netflix is to make content that is in Hindi. They will be spending more than $400 million on producing movies and shows in the Hindi language over the next two years.

The pricing that Netflix chooses in India will be a very important decision. This is because there are so many people in India who are poor. Therefore, Netflix needs to avoid making their subscription fees more expensive than many people in India are able to afford. One of the reasons why Netflix is choosing now to make a very large push in India is the fact that millions of people have gotten access to the Internet over the past few years. Therefore, the company feels the possibilities in India are endless.


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