Digital Marketing State


In the present, vibrant world, over 4.33 billion persons are presently the Internet’s active users. This is nearly 56 percent of the general population, which is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. For marketers, linking with audiences revolves around meeting them at their localities, which has progressed to mobile and social networks. As the digital realm improvement continues, the role of digital marketing continues to advance. An Altimeter’s latest study requested digital marketers to rate their highest priorities.

The following were the top responses as specified by the statement: creating tailored content that serves the client journey took 51% while investing in tech, empowering real delivery, and data personalization gained 50%. Hiring more resourceful skills to scale content in new shared setups made 48%.

Digital marketing achievement factors
According to 61% of the respondents, customer loyalty and lifetime value are the best metrics for measuring success. Also, they incorporated returns and brand awareness with 55% and 48%, then leads transformed or generated, and customer procurement with 47% and 44%, respectively.

Success challenges
As digital marketing becomes broadly used, marketing specialists are equally in demand. For 55% of review respondents, employing people with the essential digital skills was ranked as the top challenge. Others comprised showing the business power of digital marketing and hiring topping marketing innovation across business divisions with 47 % and 54%, respectively. Procurement or assimilating the exact software and getting investment from top management tied with 46%.

Digital marketing systems
Email rules as the best marketing network in terms of lead generation, ROI, and content distribution. Manifest study shows that nearly 70% of companies use email marketing as a section of their campaign plan. Amid companies that partake in email marketing, most send these emails either regularly (32%) or weekly (41%).
Digital advertising involves promotional ads sent via email and social media websites, along with online advertisements on search engines and banner ads on sites or mobile. A Wordstream study showed that appearing in mobile search ad outcomes can upsurge brand consciousness by 46%.

Social media is frequently evolving, offering excellent openings for products to reach their client base. A PWC study established that social networks make the primary drive for user procurement, with 37% of customers ranking it as best. Mobile ads in the US digital ad market scaled to 63% of overall digital ad use in 2018, and 55% of the mobile view. Others include native ads that emulate social media’s feel and look, attracting advertisers. Digital video marketing makes about 86% usage, with marketers reporting an annual 25% increase.


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