Coming Soon from Apple: Thin Macbooks and Ipads


Apple remains a company committed to innovation. The technology giant consistently works hard to deliver products customers want. The recent arrival of Apple+ TV shows the company reveals the company even intends on branching out from what it is best known: computers. Don’t think Apple has given up on providing customers with high-end tablets, computers, and smartphones. Apple’s development team consistently works at coming up with potentially “hot” offerings. The decision to release an ultra-thin iPad and Macbook Pro devices shows Apple wants to keep expanding its retail sales figures.

In 2020, Apple fans can expect six super-slim products to hit the market. Perhaps a second look at the current version of the iPad led to the decision. The device delivers on performance expectations, but it is rather bulky. Slimming out the frame could drive sales. After all, if some customers don’t buy it due to its bulk, making it slimmer takes a negative away. Reluctant customers could become enthusiastic customers soon after.

A slimmer iPad may lead to faster upgrades from satisfied customers. A customer could be happy with the present version of the iPad and has no intention of upgrading until something drastically new hits the market. Minor peripheral changes may not be enough to move customers such as these. Apple likely learned that lesson after releasing “dull” versions of the iPhone that didn’t lead to massive sales figures. Once the slim version of the iPad lands on the market, people who jump on upgrades could rush to but.

And the planned iPad won’t only be a slim one; it will be the “slimmest.” The attribute can quickly become a promotional selling point. Anything unique from a top brand has the potential to sell. Of course, quality counts, too. The Apple Watch was unique, but bad reviews and lukewarm customer reactions made it a disappointing release.

Again, the iPad won’t be the only slim product to hit the market in 2020. The already popular Macbook offerings will come in slim versions. For customers on the go, the thin variants of the iPad and the Macbooks may be welcomed ones. Traveling with bulky computers and consumer electronics devices can be a hassle. Storing them isn’t always so easy. A thinner model might eliminate some problems.

Apple’s stock recently rebounded spectacularly. The company dealt with some bad financial news and sluggish growth in 2019, but turned things around at year’s end. The new thin products may potentially keep sales and share prices up in 2020.


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