WineShop At Home Scoops Awards


The leading direct seller of top-standard wine, WineShop At Home, was crowned the recipient of the Direct Selling Association’s Ethos Award. Thanks to its promotion on social media dubbed Wine Is Social, the company got the award under the Sales & Marketing Campaign of the Year category. Jane Creed, the firm’s CEO, received the Ethos Award during the yearly Direct Selling Association that was set for June in Orlando, Florida. WineShop At Home also scooped the Social Media/Online Award and the Sales & Marketing Promotions Award.

The promotion slogan Wine is Social had a significant impact on the internet, especially on Facebook, where people enthusiastic about wine got together and shared a moment of bliss. The company offered its clients a chance to enjoy the product and connect with other wine fans. Jane Creed stated the firm and its target audience. In her view, WineShop At Home was for all who wish to have a taste of the product and adopt the way of living in the wine state.

She urged everyone to become a part of the mode of living, whether as a host or visitor. For the complete turnaround wine encounter, she recommends that one should pursue a venture into the wine sector. The promotion had a positive influence on the sales at the company, with substantial growth in the wine tasting parties at Home. There was also an increase in the number of people in that Artisan Collection Wine Club as well as individual wine specialists across the state.

The individual wine specialists are responsible for the home delivery of the product in wine tasting parties. Together with the president of the board, Stan Fredrick II, Jane Creed is pleased with the performance of the company. The company can offer exceptional careers to their wine specialists and an excellent encounter of wine tasting in the state. According to the CEO, Wine is Social is more than a catchy slogan; it is a mode of living.

Wine is Social was the brainchild of the marketing staff at the company, its website creator, and social media consultants. In an attempt to restructure and introduce a new reproduced internet site giving each of the wine specialists their website perfect for use via tablet, desktop, and mobile. The social media consultants, Multibrain, created a connection of the brand’s profile in online platforms with the center being on Facebook. Ensuring consistency in all social media forums would attract potential clients.

Using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest would drive organic traffic to Artisan Wine Club memberships, Wine Tastings, and WineShop At Home parties. Wine is Social targeted over 13.9 million individuals.

A Brief History

Since its inception from the late 1990s, WineShop At Home, then known as 1-800-Wineshop, continues to provide top-quality wine to small-scale wineries in California. From the start of 2002, the firm started the direct wine sales venture, where they had their product distributed throughout different homes. In 2005, the company was introduced to the public, and by 2010, the business had attained sustainable growth.


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