Wawona Packing Company Is A Premier, USDA-Approved Organic Stone Fruit Supplier


Wawona Packing Co. is based in Cutler, California. It is a third-generation, family run business, and the founding family has been proudly serving the community since 1948. Wawona is a supplier of quality stone fruit products. The company is a long-standing leader in the organic fruit sector.

An announcement was made last September about its recent merger with Gerawan Farming, a Fresno based organization. By combining forces, Wawona Packing and Gerawan Farming are positioned to be the leader in the production of stone fruit. Gerawan and Wawona released the news that the transaction was finalized on September 25th, 2019. None of the financial terms were disclosed at that time.

Gerawan Farming is also a long established CA company, and the owners are also third-generation descendants of the founder. The company helped to pioneer the stone fruit market. They offer a recognized best-in-class level of farming and packing processes. The brand is known in the marketplace as Prima. The families have built their reputations as the premier supplies in the fresh fruit industry.

Wawona Packing is dedicated to providing premium fresh fruit. The firm acquired Burchell Nursery in 2018. This is a 30 year old company that is widely known for its peaches and nectarines under the brand names of Flame and Flare. Burchell also provides a variety of other stone fruit and commodities.

The company complies with the high standards of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and has other alliances as well. Its stone fruit is approved as USDA organic. They are CCOF certified. CCOF stands for California Certified Organic Farmers, a state agency and a trade specific association. It is an agency that is dedicated to promoting and advocating organic farming. Wawona is committed to sustainability in its production process.

The organization is a conscientious California farmer. The farming area consists of more than 9,000 acres of oxygen-producing trees. They are promoters of natural ecosystems and strive to conserve water and other natural resources. Wawona`s production process reduces the usage of irrigation watering as they achieve the highest standards for plant health. Another area of its sustainable practices is recycling.

The company has made great strides with its recycling program. The team of experts uses mulching derived from plant trimmings as a compost. The company is able to achieve a reported 50% reduction in its use of pellets and packaging. Wawona Packing Company also employs the use of solar power in its farming program.


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