Trump Sends Ross To Asia To Close Phase One With Liu He


The whistleblower’s lawyer told the press his client will answer any questions Republicans have when the impeachment hearings begin. But the whistleblower will only answer those questions in writing. The Republicans don’t like that offer. Trump wants to treason-bone the whistleblower in public to prove his Zelensky call was not the culmination of an intricate plan orchestrated by Rudy Giuliani to make President Zelensky’s his bitch.

Mr. Trump celebrated the third-quarter economic numbers. Trump likes to accent the low unemployment figures and two percent inflation rate. But he doesn’t talk about Gross Domestic Product growth in terms of numbers. The president just claims his economy grows faster than any other economy. But GDP product growth dropped 1.3 percent at the end of September. GDP growth is 1.9 percent, and according to some economists, GDP growth at the end of 2019 will be 1.1 percent.

The Feds cut interest rates, but several board members don’t think a cut will stimulate the economy. Those members claim personal and business debt is through the roof. The Feds keeping injecting cash into the repo market to keep all the financial balls in the air. The head of the IMF told the press Europe’s GDP growth will be a disappointing 3.0 percent at the end of the year. Europe’s Central Bank chief Christine Lagarde puts a lot of the blame on Trump and his tariff war with China.

Worldwide manufacturing took a major blow to its future-bookings midsection when Trump forced American buyers to ditch China for Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand in order to get better prices and lower tariffs. But those countries don’t have the manufacturing capacity of the Chinese factories, so supply chains got a royal Trump-screwing. The shipping industry is still in a state of turmoil thanks to Trump’s quest to bring China down.

Wilbur Ross went to Bangkok to meet the chief Chinese negotiator Liu He. Liu asked for another meeting so both parties could discuss all the terms included in the phase one deal. Liu He told Ross they would buy $20 billion in farm products, and they would stop controlling their currency. Mr. Liu also said China wants Trump to drop the December tariff increase. Liu’s team and President Xi will sign the deal somewhere in the United States so Trump looks like he’s the winner.

Mr. Ross told the press Trump will let him issue licenses so they can work with Chinese tech companies. But Trump’s got the impeachment blues so it’s unclear when the Trumpster will grant his authoritarian licenses.


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