The Story Of How Pilot Freight Services Was Created


The United States has a wide variety of freight carrying companies. The industry has a great deal of competition. Pilot Freight Services has shown over a very long period of time that they are a reliable company in their industry that is very well respected. How the company was able to become very successful and rise above their competition is very interesting. The company started small and took a lot of time to take off. It was 1970 when Philadelphia was chosen to be the location of their first office. Things did not go well at first. The things that helped the company to prosper in the early days were the attitude and business acumen of the people who worked there.

Pilot Freight Services was not in very good financial shape in 1993. There was a very good chance that the company might have to go bankrupt. However, the company found its savior in a man by the name of Richie Phillips. He found the company very interesting and he decided to purchase it. He had an amazing business mind that got the company to a point where it was finally making a profit again. The money was flowing in as it had never done during the entire history of the company. Richie knew the freight business inside and out. The company had risen from the ashes to be a very important logistical business.

Pilot Freight Services is a provider of transportation and logistics on a global scale. They are able to cross borders to make deliveries. All of the drivers have received special training that enable them to transport cargo that falls into a wide variety of categories. It does not matter if the shipment is within the United States or to a different country. Lima, PA, is where the company headquarters can now be found. They have a couple of offices that can be found in Europe. The company is constantly growing and expanding its reach on a global scale. $60 million was made by the company in Dec. 2017. This was the biggest month in terms of revenue in the company’s long history.

Gordon Branov is the man who currently has the responsibility of being CEO of Pilot Freight Services. He has been touted as one of the most innovative business leaders in the logistics industry. There are a few things he has dome to help the company climb to where it is now. He decided that it would be a very wise investment to buy new trucks that would break down less frequently. This is something that the company had not wanted to do in previous years.

Much of the freight in foreign counties is being transported by Pilot Freight Services. Much of the money that the company has made over the years has been poured back into the company. They have spent this money to buy the latest technology. This has paid huge dividends for the company. It has allowed them to stay far ahead of their competition.


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