The Popularity of Disney+ Is Not Hurting Netflix


Much has been written about the streaming wars. There are many streaming services that are now available. There will be more on the way next year. However, the titans are Netflix and Disney+. These two companies have by far the biggest catalog of titles to choose from. That is why they are the most desirable for subscribers. It was just reported that Disney+ has had its app downloaded more than 15 million times. This is an astonishing number for a service that just became available earlier this month. However, Netflix is not shaking in their boots. On the contrary, the most popular streaming service is doing quite well.

There are various companies that monitor app downloads and other trends in the world of technology. There is no indication that the activity of Netflix users has changed at all since Disney+ finally went online. There are a few reasons that this is the case. First of all, Netflix still has a very good product that many millions of people are willing to pay for. Some of the most anticipated shows and movies are going to be available only on Netflix. Therefore, people are not going to simply cancel their Netflix subscription and head over to Disney+.

“The Irishman” is a crime drama that is directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese. He signed a deal to make this film exclusively for Netflix. There are many critics who feel that this will be one of the big winners at the Oscars next year. “The Witcher” is an adventure series that will debut on Netflix in December. It is based on a series of books that has become very popular around the world. Both of these titles are sure to keep people signed up for Netflix. They also have many other very big shows and movies in the pipeline. This makes the possibility of Disney wiping out Netflix very unlikely.

There is also the fact that Netflix has such a huge lead on Disney in terms of subscribers. Disney will take a long time to gain the number of paying customers that Netflix has already amassed. Therefore, Netflix will be around for a very long time to come. Netflix is going to keep investing literally billions of dollars into original content every year. This will ensure that people will keep coming back for more. Disney+ is going to keep gaining steam. However, Netflix will be fine.


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