Netflix Will Allow Political Jokes to Be Skipped in Seth Meyers Special


One of the things that Netflix has become known for are their standup comedy specials. Just about every big comedian has done at least one standup special for Netflix. Dave Chappelle has done four. It was just announced that Seth Meyers will be releasing a standup comedy special for Netflix called “Lobby Baby.” It will be unique because it will have a feature that has never been available before. It will allow viewers to skip his political jokes during the special. Meyers has made a career for himself by making jokes about President Donald Trump. In fact, he has been joking about Trump long before he was president.

The idea to have the political joke skip feature was thought of by Meyers. He wanted his standup special to be a little bit different than all of the others that are currently available on Netflix. It should be pointed out that people who would be offended by Trump jokes would not be very likely to watch a standup comedy special by Seth Meyers in the first place. However, it will still be there for all of the people who want to use it. Netflix said that this skip feature will not be available on future standup comedy specials that the streaming giant releases.

Netflix has said that there will be a total of eight minutes of the special that can be skipped. This is surprising to many people who thought that the vast majority of Meyers’ special would be spent making fun of President Trump. It would appear that will not be the case. Meyers has been planning his standup comedy special for the past year. He has been doing sets at various comedy clubs around New York City as a way of sharpening his skills and testing out some of his material on a live audience.

Ever since he was elected in 2016, President Trump has provided Seth Meyers with a lot of comedy material on his “Late Night” program on NBC. It would seem that is going to continue for as long as Trump is in office. It will be interesting to see what the public’s response is regarding the skip feature that Netflix will be including. There is always a chance that Netflix might change their mind about including it in future standup comedy specials if the response is very positive. Only time will tell if that is the case.


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