Netflix Will Acquire Some Disney Movies in Six Years


There is a lot of talk about the upcoming streaming wars. Netflix will be battling new streaming services from HBO, Comcast, Disney and Apple. It is interesting to note that Netflix will be getting some movies from Disney as part of a licensing deal that the companies signed before Disney decided to get into the streaming business. The movies and shows will move from Disney Plus to Netflix six years from now. They will then go back to Disney Plus once the licensing agreement has come to an end. The exact titles that will be moving to Netflix have not been revealed as of yet.

Disney Plus will officially launch on November 6. They are thought to be the biggest threat to Netflix because of their massive catalog of titles that spans decades. Along with the older titles that have become iconic, Disney Plus will also be creating many original shows that will only be available on the streaming service. One of these is a show called “The Mandalorian” that will be a spin-off of “Star Wars.” There will also be several shows based on Marvel characters like Loki and the Scarlett Witch.

The price of Disney Plus will be $7 per month. People can also choose to pay $70 for an entire year. The price is much cheaper than Netflix at the moment. There are many industry experts who believe that Netflix will need to lower their monthly price if they are going to stay competitive with the other streaming services. Otherwise, they will start to lose customers in large numbers. Disney CEO Bob Iger said that Disney Plus will allow people to download all of the content on the platform onto their device so they can watch it when they are not online. However, the shows and movies will be erased from the person’s device if they stop subscribing to the Disney Plus service.

Nobody knows what the streaming landscape will look like in six years when Netflix gets their trove of Disney content. However, there is no question that it will help Netflix greatly to get a bunch of new content and hurt their main rival at the same time. It will be interesting to find out the specific shows and movies that will be included in that deal. As for right now, Disney seems to have built a lot of momentum in preparation for the launch of their streaming service.


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