Nearly 200,000 Cybertrucks Ordered Since Demonstration


This past week, Elon Musk helped show off the newest technological innovation for Tesla. Known as the Cybertruck, the electric pickup truck had a rough demonstration mishap but is still being ordered heavily, based on Musk and reports.

According to a BBC report, Musk recently tweeted out that there have been 146,000 of the Cybertrucks ordered so far. Musk’s tweet also mentioned, “42% choosing dual, 41% tri & 17% single motor” in terms of customer preferences. It’s quite an abundance of orders for the electric pickup truck, considering that Musk has said it’s happening with no advertising or paid endorsements for it.

On Sunday (Nov. 24), a report on Electrek said that another 41,000 Cybertrucks had been ordered. That pushed the total up to 187,000 orders, per their report.

Their report indicates that the reservation cost for the Cybertruck was just $100 per reservation compared to $1,000 reservation cost for Tesla’s Model 3 cards. In addition, they mentioned that many people who have reserved a Cybertruck may back out before actually committing to the purchase.

The new Cybertruck has a unique, futuristic-looking design, and a host of interesting features. Tesla is mostly known for its electric car or sports cars, and the ongoing development of new battery power. However, the truck will give them another interesting entry into the vehicle marketplace with pickup trucks.

According to FOX News, the Cybertruck body is made out of the same type of stainless steel the SpaceX Starship uses. It’s both scratch- and dent-resistant. They also mention it can withstand a 9-mm bullet.

In addition to having room for six people to sit and a steering wheel modeled like an aircraft yoke, it also has some intriguing bonus options for those who enjoy going for off-road adventures. Customers will be able to get the camping package which comes with a tent, a raised sleeping floor for the bed, and a slide-out electric stove. In addition, there’s a super-cool Cyberquad electric ATV available. It can be driven up into the Cybertruck’s bed by using a ramp extending from the tailgate.

There are three versions of Cybertruck with a $39,900 entry-level model, a $49,9000 Dual Motor all-wheel-drive model, and a $69,000 Tri Motor all-wheel-drive model.

During the big demonstration at SpaceX headquarters this past week, an attempt was made to show off the Cybertruck’s glass windows being indestructible. Tesla head of design Franz von Holzhausen helped out with that. Unfortunately, when metal objects were tossed at two of the Cybertruck windows, they shattered. Musk joked there’s some “room for improvement” on the truck.

So far there is no official release date for the Cybertruck but analysts seem to believe it might not be available until the start of 2022 at the earliest.


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