Milk Street Offers A Television Program, Magazine, And More


Milk Street was founded by Christopher Kimball, and it is meant to help all kinds of cooks. There is an online cooking school available through this company that allows people to sharpen their skills without leaving their homes. This school offers classes that a person can purchase for a fee, and these classes are each focused on a certain subject matter. There is a class available that is all about spices, and there is another one that is focused on cooking with an instant pot. Those who are interested in learning through the team at Milk Street can find the lessons that they are seeking through the online cooking school that is available.

There is a television show that has been created by Milk Street and that can help people learn without paying for the cooking school offered by the company. Some of the past episodes of the television show have focused on the food served in Greece, classic Italian recipes, and baked goods from Paris. Christopher Kimball is a part of this television show, as are other food experts such as Bianca Borges and Erika Bruce. The television show has a knowledgeable team that works on getting it created and put out to the public.

Milk Street has a blog that they share on their website. This blog shares informative content that can help chefs grow. Some of the posts that have been shared on the blog include one focused on cooking polenta and another focused on charring foods to reduce bitterness. The blog posts focus on things that people might be doing wrong in the kitchen and the best ways to rectify those habits. One of the blog posts talks about how it is better to salt a drink that one is serving than to salt the glass that it will be served in.

In addition to having a television program, a radio program, a podcast, a cooking school, and a blog set up, Milk Street also has a magazine that they put out. There are six issues of the magazine shipped out each year, and each one is filled with valuable content. There are no advertisements in the magazine, with each page being filled with information that will help anyone who is interested in food and cooking. Those who are interested in the magazine can purchase a subscription of their own or give a subscription to a friend.

There is a building in downtown Boston where the Milk Street television series is recorded and where the magazine and other parts of the company are headquartered. Christopher Kimball has shared that he has always loved the food that is served in New England. This man is also a fan of the food from many other cultures, and he wants all people to have access to all kinds of food and recipes.


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