LOGS NETWORK SERVICES: One Stop Shop For All Creditor Rights & Legal Services


We are a legal service consortium providing an array of legal services for businesses that deal with customers that have defaulted on payments and broken contractual agreements. We represent our clients in the legal process including pre-litigation and post-litigation to ensure that our clients maximize their potential to mitigate their losses and make the most out of bad business deals. LOGS Network achieves results for our clients through our legal services and legal platforms.

The legal services we employ to address client’s needs are: foreclosure assistance, bankruptcy assistance, evictions assistance, replevins assistance, litigation & appellate assistance, and finally our title & closing assistance. Secondly, we address client’s challenges with our legal platforms. The three legal platforms that provide an additional arsenal in our solution approach are LOGS official publication called Dialog, LOGS official blog called BLOG, and LOGS onsite client training called LOGON.

Legal Services

Foreclosure Assistance – Are you having to foreclose on a residential property or commercial property? Allow LOGS Network to put our expertise, depth of knowledge, and our multi-state network advantage to navigate your foreclosure process in your favor.

Bankruptcy Assistance – LOGS Network will represent you in Chapter 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcy cases. With our broad network of professionals within 30 plus states, we will throw behind you experienced lawyers who understand the law across several state lines and are capable of navigating the various nuances and intricacies that arise in the process. The network of Lawyers across states empowers us to deliver way beyond most of our competitors.

Evictions Assistance – Our evictions practice provides the legal expertise to be able to handle tenants with the most difficult defaults. We have done this so long that it almost seems as though we know all the cards in the tenants default play book.

Replevins Assistance – LOGS Network understands how difficult it is when defendants defiantly lay claim to property they legally lost the right to possess. We will take all the necessary actions to recover the possession of the property and also seek to obtain damages where possible for the wrongful detention of the property in question. Obtaining a judgement in the court of law may take time, but who said we have to wait till then? Reach out to see how we can help.

Litigation & Appellate Assistance – LOGS Network provides representation in creditor matters in across different states. We can also take up your case in the federal level. The creditor has rights too, and we are here to see to it that our legal system affords creditors their deserved rights and privileges.

Title & Closing Assistance – LOGS Network, as title agents, provide title services, deed services, title insurance services, escrow services, and defects services to the underwriters who contract us in 30 plus U.S. states. State laws determine in most cases who pays the cost of such services. For example, in Alabama, buyers and sellers split the cost of title insurance and attorney closings, while in Virginia the title fees are usually the buyer’s cost. Our rich network of interstate attorneys will do the hard work to ensure that all applicable legal requirements are satisfied.


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