How Spooner Farms Became Successful


Spooner Farms has been in the state of Washington for a very long period of time. In fact, the famous business dates all the way back to the year 1882. There have been a total of six generations that have run the farm and kept the business alive. The total area of the farm is roughly 500 acres. There are a total of five parcels of land that make up the property. A different job takes place at each of the individual parcels. Raspberry bushes are sold at wholesale prices. This is the core of the farm’s business. The bushes are then used by companies that want to sell the raspberries to grocery stores around the world. Fumigation is used in areas where the raspberry bushes will be grown. They are kept in isolation for this purpose. The isolation also makes it impossible for cross-pollination to take place. Viruses can’t be exposed to the other plants during this process.

Spooner Farms will sell their raspberry bushes to various companies that can be found across the United States. They will also do business with commercial growers that are located in foreign countries. The land that the farm sits on is regularly inspected by the agriculture department of the state of Washington. These inspections are done in an effort to ensure that the company is always abiding by laws that are put into place by the state and the city. The company does much more than grow raspberry bushes. The property has a few recreational areas that are able to be enjoyed by the public.

The history of the Spooner family and their farming officially began in 1882. They chose a city called Puyallup to be the location of their first farm. Tim Spooner still owns a huge farm in Olympia. There is a different company by the name of Spooner Berry Farms that is also owned and operated by him. The farm is in Yelm. The economies of the various cities where the Spooner family does business are helped out a lot. There are many people in those areas who have jobs thanks to the Spooner family. Many other berries can also be bought from Spooner Farms.

Many people have wondered how the business of Spooner Farms has been so successful for so long. The Spooner family attributes a lot of their success to the climate of Washington state. Raspberries and the various other foods they grow are able to thrive in weather that Washington experiences for most of the year. Raspberry bushes would not be able to survive and thrive in most other areas in the United States. Therefore, the Spooner family has customers from areas of the country where the weather is not as ideal for growing raspberries.

Many people have speculated that Spooner Farms would be sold by the family. They still own the business. They want to keep employing local people. Their relationship with their customers and employees is very important to them. They do not plan to sell the business any time soon.


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