Big Tech Companies Are Fighting Antitrust Allegations


Four of the biggest companies in the United States are Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple. These companies have improved the lives of literally millions of people around the world. However, all four companies have also been criticized for many of their questionable business practices that have allowed them to become too big and powerful. Lawmakers have been targeting the large tech companies over the past year. Senator Elizabeth Warren has made breaking up the biggest tech companies in the country one of her main campaign issues as she runs for president. The issue of competition has been a huge point of concern. There are many people who feel than these companies snuff out smaller companies at the first sign they might be a threat in the future.

The House Judiciary Committee recently sent some questions to those four giant tech companies. The questions largely had to do with their competitive practices. Not surprisingly, all four of the companies denied doing anything that violated the law or was unethical where their competition is concerned. All of them said that they follow the letter of the law and abide by strict ethics. One of the things that has made people angry is that these companies are constantly acquiring other companies. Facebook has come under fire for buying both Instagram and Whatsapp.

It remains to be seen what lawmakers will do with the answers to the questions they were provided with by the major tech companies. There has been talk of a formal probe being launched to investigate anti-competitive behavior among these tech companies. However, there is no solid indication that is going to happen. These companies still hold very big sway over many politicians on Capitol Hill because they are very large donors. There are plenty of politicians who depend on getting very large campaign contributions from the tech companies in Silicon Valley. Therefore, these people are reluctant to dig very deep into the business dealing of these companies.

Google has received a lot of criticism because people think that their search engine is designed to steer people towards sites that are operated by Google. They denied this is the case. They stated that most searches take people to sites that Google has nothing to do with. Apple has also come under fire for favoring their own products in the App Store. This is an allegation they have been denying for many years.


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