Amazon Blames Trump for Losing Pentagon Contract


Jeff Bezos is not a happy man these days. It is true that he has more money than any other man on the face of the Earth. However, his company just lost out on a $10 billion contract with the Department of Defense. The contract was for cloud computing services. It was awarded to Microsoft. This shocked many people because Amazon is the largest provider of cloud computing services in the world. They are much bigger and more experienced than Microsoft in this area. Amazon recently revealed that they were not going to let this matter go away without a legal fight.

A legal challenge has been filed on behalf of Amazon that claims there was interference on the part of President Donald Trump that led to the Department of Defense to choose Microsoft. Amazon has clearly stated in court documents that there were bias and political influence involved in the decision to give Microsoft the lucrative contract. This might seem to most people like it is just sour grapes on the part of Bezos because his company lost. However, Amazon is saying that two recordings of President Trump will be their main pieces of evidence. It will be very interesting to see how a court rules on this.

As you might expect, Microsoft has already released a statement saying the bidding process for the contract was fair. It is not a surprise that Amazon would try to take on President Trump regarding this contract. Bezos and Trump have said some nasty things about each other in public forums over the past couple of years. Bezos most likely thinks that President Trump intervened and pressured the Department of Defense to choose Microsoft because of poor history between the Amazon CEO and Trump. Will Amazon be able to prove this bias? That remains to be seen.

Amazon and Jeff Bezos have been a target of President Trump on a number of previous occasions. Trump feels that Amazon abuses the United States Post Office. He believes that the massive company does not pay as much as they should to have their products shipped to their destination. There is some truth to this statement. Despite their differences, President Trump extended a hand in friendship to Bezos. Trump invited Bezos to a tech summit that he had in Trump Tower. Trump also asked Bezos to be on his short-lived technology council that has since been disbanded.


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