New Facebook Technology Thwarts Facial Recognition AI


Facial recognition technology is becoming rapidly more prevalent in society. As this technology evolves, we have to try to preserve privacy along with enhanced security and marketing opportunities.

Facial recognition can be a powerful tool for law enforcement to identify criminals based on surveillance images. Security systems at airports can identify potential threats via face scans at airports. The Department of Homeland Security predicts that 97 percent of airline passengers will be scanned for facial recognition by 2023.

Whether or not you fly often, it’s possible that your face has already been scanned and is in a facial recognition database. Facial recognition is becoming a big problem in China where its corrupt police state is gathering information about people for re-education camps who don’t fit their guidelines for political and religious ideology.

China is definitely not the only region of the world where facial recognition could infringe on people’s privacy and well-being. That’s why Facebook is working on a new technology to curtail the rapid rise of facial recognition so that marketers and governments can’t abuse it for unethical purposes.

Facebook has stopped using facial recognition as a default practice. The company is also developing a way for people to thwart third-party facial recognition activity in order to increase privacy. The new tool can alter images in both static pictures and video to a degree that fools AI. So far, the altered images are usually recognizable for human viewers. There is only a slight time delay of video playback when the tool is enabled.

This AI-thwarting tool is still in development, and Facebook representatives say that it is not slated to be rolled out for the platform very soon. Even though it might not be available right away, there are some clear uses for it, and the demand will be high as users wait for it to become available. With people being tracked for ad targeting and a rise in deepfake content that exploits people, this new tool would be very valuable to protect users.


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