Google’s Face App Has One Major Fault.


Google tech organization came up with its face unlock system. Its system was for the 4 XL and Pixel 4 devices which use sophisticated sensors on the top of a phone’s top bezel. Google’s technology is similar to that of Apple’s face ID. Apart from using the technology to access your phone, Google tech believes that the face unlock is secure. Google noted that its technology is okay to serve as an authentication method on all Android handsets. In Pixel 4, there is no use of a fingerprint sensor. The face unlocks fast and smooth. However, there has been a report that there is an alarming concern with technology. The technology even functions when the user’s eyes are completely closed. Several users confirmed this allegation. The technology can also work when someone holds your phone on your face and unlocks even if the eyes are not open.

Comments from the page read that people should keep their phones in a safe place since the technology was not efficient. Users were requested to place their devices in a handbag or the front pockets. Google’s face unlocks works even when one is asleep. Google’s technology is different from that of Apple. Google’s technology is a total risk. Apple’s face ID entails strict attention. This means that the user’s eyes should be wide open and carefully looking at the iPhone or iPad. Failure to do this, the face unlock will not be successful. Apple noted that the setting is fully functional and eradicates all risks. The tech firm announced that the setting is an added security measure that all androids should embrace. The setting can easily be disabled; you visit settings on the device and disable the technology.

Apple added that concentration is their primary weapon. That’s what makes their face unlock is successful. For Google’s Pixel 4, such an option is not available. Google announced that they were working on the issue, and they believed that it would be solved. Pixel 4 is expected to be shipped to customers soon. Google’s spokesperson noted that the firm never had anything significant to extend regarding pixel 4 future features. However, the spokesperson announced, just like all their products, the design for Pixel 4 will get better and better over time.
Pixel 4 getting to the market in its state will mean that authorities, partners and friends will unlock someone’s phone without their consent.


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