Best Tools for Instagram Stories


More than 500 million active users include Instagram Stories to build their personal brands. The last features of this social media platform include content that disappears in 24 hours, live videos, interactive images, and highlighted stories.

Now, why are so many businesses using Instagram Stories?

When looking to increase brand awareness, Instagram Stories has produced results in user engagement. Because of it, several companies have developed multiple auxiliary applications to make it more efficient. You will find Instagram Stories apps that add new video editors, font selectors, image compositions, and video transitions.

Today, most of these applications are free to use, so you can create the most professional content strategy for your brand.

Adobe Spark Post

The first step to creating high-quality content for Instagram is using Adobe Spark, the best app to upgrade your images. This software includes image edition tools, filters, resizing tools, coloring, and dynamic effects.

Perhaps the most interesting fact about Adobe Spark is video conversion. Make a compilation of your best images and Adobe Spark will create a video, a presentation, or a GIF file. This feature is perfect when content creators are looking to create many posts at once without spending hours on video edition.


Canva has become the universal tool to create any image format. Apart from complementing your Instagram Stories strategy, Canva includes templates designed for advertising formats such as posters, Facebook Ads, Instagram presets and website design.

Of course, Canva offers absolute freedom to customize your concept with its drag and drop tool. In case you need more content to create your post, you can always use the personal library to import your designs.

Minor Complementary Applications

There are endless ways to make your content more unique with the many free tools that we have available today. Here are a few more that you may be interested in.

VideoShop is a convenient option for those creators who are looking to create content fast. When it comes to making videos, the edition stage can easily take a few hours, which is not the case when using VideoShop. Here, you can change the video volume, quality, color, and speed.

Finally, you can use tools such as Font Candy to improve the overall look of your Instagram Stories post. Font Candy can help you to get the right theme to make text complement your video without looking artificial.


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